The De Coppi company was founded in 1986 and since that time has become more and more specialised as a sub-contractor for the supply of components and items for the catering industry. Over ten years’ experience in the manufacturing of pipes for carrying gas and water, a complete service and the guarantee of reliable, tried and tested products have helped to make the company a leader in its industry sector.


The growth of the business has been facilitated by a continuously updated machine inventory. By means of this growth process, the company has been able to expand and optimise its production, which today ranges from pipes and ramps right up to more complex components made of various types of metal and involving different machining processes.


The De Coppi components catalogue includes: pipes for carrying water and gas, tubular handles of varying types, various kinds of shaped pipes, support tubes and tubes for shelving, calendering, bending and end-threaded pipes as well as turned, milled and pressed components.